Episode 59: Seeing and empowering potential through campus ministry

To kick off Season 5 we are getting into the back to school season with college chaplains! 
We have the Rev. Paul Carling, the Rev. Brian Blayer,. 
The Rev. Paul Carling is the Chaplain at the Episcopal Church at Yale a position he has held for 5 years. Before Yale he was doing parish work for 10 years, and he was a professor of psychology before then at a variety of universities, and worked around the world to advance the recovery of people with serious mental illnesses. He is passionate about discovering the wisdom of Young Adults between 17-35 and how it must shape the church of the future. When he is not at his office of at the chapel on campus you can find him cooking for friends, reading trashing ecclesiastical mysteries, and gardening. He lives in Bridgeport with his wife, Cherise. 
The Rev. Brian Blayer is the rector of St. Mark’s Chapel in Storrs, where he has been for the last two years. St. Mark's has an active campus ministry for the University of Connecticut. Before Storrs and UCONN, he was the rector of Grace Episcopal Church in Whitestone, Queens. Before he was ordained he was a high school English teacher in Queens. He is passionate about potential — he enjoys exploring potential and being with people as we realize our own potential and finding possibilities that we have in church communities. He hosts a radio talk show, Crossroads, on WHUS 91.7fm Storrs talking about the intersection of their faith life and personal life. Hmm, sounds familiar? It is also a youtube show and podcast. Brian is also a drummer.  
Welcome Paul and Brian! 
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